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Escalation, defensiveness, and withdrawal are common interactive patterns that occur between partners in conflict.  Many couples begin to feel stuck and the present issue tends to go unresolved, creating resentment, blame, helplessness, and distance. These unresolved wounds plague future interactions and discontent sets in.  This is one example of an unhealthy interactive cycle.

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We will help you identify the negative interactive patterns that have been created and reinforced through repetition over time.  This will allow you to begin the process of healing.  Our goal is to help partners and family members to engage emotionally with one another rather than minimizing, labeling, blaming, criticizing, or controlling the other.  We will help you understand your personal emotional experience as well as your partners or family members to create new healthy responses and interactions.  This is called a corrective emotional experience.  This new way of relating can naturally facilitate deeper intimacy and attachment.  Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) has been researched extensively with favorable outcomes and long lasting change.  It is our goal to personalize your experience and to create a warm, safe, and structured environment to promote secure attachment bonds and healthy patterns of relating.

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