Elliant Counseling Services | Denver, DTC, Centennial

About our name:

Elliant Counseling Services, P.C. (ECS) was founded in 2007.  The name Elliant is derived from the Italian word Elianto, meaning Sunflower.  Some believe that the sunflower’s name came from its unique ability to reposition itself toward the sun. Sunflowers have symbolic meaning across cultures and are most commonly known from Greek mythology (the legend of Apollo & Clytie), symbolizing loyalty and adoration.  The sunflower has special meaning to the owner as her first and middle name literally translates to morning sun flower.

About our team:

We are a group of independent professional therapists who are dedicated to providing a warm, safe, and culturally sensitive environment to our surrounding community.  We aspire to the highest standard of care and are committed to providing quality, evidence-based services to our families, couples, teens, kids, and adult clients.  Our collective goal as care providers at ECS is to promote compassion, connection, and growth through best practice therapeutic services. Our therapists stand together in principle that the therapeutic relationship is the bedrock to building trust and an atmosphere of optimal healing.

Our approach:

We believe in a holistic approach to healing where we focus on the body-mind connection.  We hold much of what we are going through in our bodies, leaving us physically exhausted, anxious, worn-out, and perhaps spiritless.  We can help you to find the courage to heal by identifying and processing through difficult emotions, body sensations, and negative core beliefs that limit your ability to embrace peace and joy in your life.  We all have an innate capacity to heal.  We will walk alongside you while striving to illuminate your path to personal healing, finding internal resources, and gaining the confidence to claim the life you wish to live.


Our team has advanced training in trauma therapy and PTSD recovery.  We offer and provide services for individuals, couples and families, children and adolescents in the areas of chemical addiction, love and sex addiction, self-harm, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, and mindfulness.  Individual therapy is present-centered, focusing on the client’s life struggles, immediate emotional experience, and negative internalized beliefs.  Therapy is structured to help assess unmet needs, identify specific goals, and take steps toward emotional healing and cognitive- behavioral change.  Family therapy will help to promote growth toward a secure attachment in the family system and between members by using clear communication, emotional validation, and conflict resolution skills.

Embrace the Courage to Change!

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