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Sex & Love Addiction

Do You or A Loved One Struggle with Sex Addiction?

Most of us know someone who struggles with addiction. We now realize that addiction in any form is considered to be a disease.

What is Sex Addiction?

Patrick Carnes describes it this way, “For sex addicts, sex becomes the priority for which they sacrifice everything. They put sex before their children, spouses, and friends, despite great cost to themselves.  Just as an alcoholic has an affair with the bottle, the sex addict’s relationship is with sex and romance.” (Carnes, 2001)

How do we know it truly is an addiction?
  • Several failed attempts to resist impulsive sexual behaviors
  • Behaviors occur more often, with greater intensity, over a longer period of time than intended
  • Consistent desire and unsuccessful attempts to stop, control, or reduce sexual behaviors
  • Spending a great deal of time preoccupied with, preparing for, engaging in, trying to obtain, or recovering from sexual behaviors
  • Work, family, or social obligations are reduced or unfulfilled
  • Behaviors continue despite knowing the harmful effects or consequences
There is hope and we can help! What does recovery look like?

We take the steps for Sex Addiction Recovery very seriously.  We highly encourage regular 12-step meeting attendance along with gaining a sponsor.  We take a family approach to healing and recovery and ask that you commit to weekly individual therapy sessions to work through the workbook Facing the Shadow by Patrick Carnes.  A personalized plan for healing and relapse prevention will be established with your therapist.  Partner’s groups and individual therapy for partners are available along with couple’s counseling.

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