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Jeffrey Ritter | Group Counseling & Substance Abuse

Jeff Ritter, Counselor

Jeff earned his Master’s Degree in Community Counseling from Adams State College in 2005.

He has been licensed in Professional Counseling since 2008. He is currently working as an
Outreach Worker serving homeless individuals in the Denver area. Throughout his career, he has
worked in a variety of mental health settings providing services related to group counseling,
individual therapy, substance abuse, crisis intervention, ISP/parole/probation and comprehensive

His therapeutic style is eclectic, compassionate, and practical. Jeff utilizes rational thinking, mindfulness,
emotional presence, and radical acceptance as the foundation of his approach. His initial training was
modeled after Rogerian Therapy and he believes in engaging with people in a non-judgmental way. He chooses to align with a world view that sees human beings in the most positive regard and accepts that people do the best they can at any given moment. He believes people can change their thoughts, behaviors, and circumstances to ultimately live a more meaningful and enjoyable life.

Jeff has a great love of the outdoors, nature, and physical activity. He is an avid snowboarder and enjoys
to boulder as well. You will most often find him on a mountain during winter months. He utilizes his interest in these activities as a form of self care. He believes physical activity is the most effective way
to cope with daily stress. Jeff also enjoys a good movie and has a wide interest in different types of

Specialty areas:
Group Counseling
Dual Diagnosis
Crisis Intervention
Client-Centered Therapy
Anxiety issues


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