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Level 3: Betrayal Trauma Group

This is an advanced group for betrayed partners who have been processing their betrayal trauma as partners of addiction. During this 8-week group, members will identify personal strengths and allies they have developed in the healing process, as well as nurturing their inner child that has been hurt. Members will have a safe space to process past betrayals uniquely to understand their negative cognitions better and look toward the future with a vision board to highlight positives within the individual. Group members will be familiar with Facing Heartbreak by Stefanie Carnes, as this group builds upon work from that material. This group is for betrayed partners past full disclosure and crises and looking inward to develop personal strength and understanding of past hurt. By signing up for this 8-week group, you are committing to attend 6 of the eight weeks. There will be a follow-up email with additional information regarding this group with expressed interest and a phone interview to establish where individuals are in their healing journey. Call or email us today to find out about our next enrollment period. 

Group Topics

Session 1: Introductions and Headlines

Session 2: Self-Compassion and Inner Child Meditation

Session 3:Sand tray Allies and Internal Family Systems

Session 4: Betrayal Trauma Egg Part 1

Session 5: Betrayal Trauma Egg Part 2

Session 6: Finessing Personal Boundaries as Self-Care

Session 7: Goddess Vision Boards

Session 8: Goodbyes and Goodies