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Level 2: Betrayal Trauma Group

This group is for betrayed partners who are past full disclosure and crises. This 8-week group focuses on establishing physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual boundaries. Group members will also touch on shame, fear, and personal value and worth. The goal of this group is to develop compassion for the self as members continue to process the trauma of betrayal. By signing up for this 8-week group, you are committing to attend 6 of the eight weeks. There will be a follow-up email with additional information regarding this group with expressed interest and a phone interview to establish where individuals are in their healing journey. Call or email us today to find out about our next enrollment period. 

Group Topics

*Radical Compassion is a supplement to the group topics; chapters are noted for where you may find additional information

Session 1: Introductions and Headlines

Session 2: What is RAIN (chapters 1-3)

Session 3: Negative cognitions, shame, and fear (ch 4-6)

Session 4: Anger, blame, and forgiveness (ch 8)

Session 5: Boundaries packet pt 1

Session 6: Boundaries packet pt 2

Session 7: Your Value and Worth

Session 8: Inner child meditation and closing