Group Therapy

Feeling too shy or embarrassed to share?

The very first experience with group counseling can be intimidating; however, most people find that the shared goals and objectives almost immediately add a sense of security and camaraderie while taking away the pressure of being in the “spotlight.”

What is Group Therapy?

  • A safe place to find encouragement
  • A community of others who understand
  • Resources to help you better understand and cope with your situation
  • An integration of psychological and spiritual approaches to help empower you
  • Group therapy can act as a support network and a sounding board

Other benefits of group therapy include:

Support groups offer the chance to draw on collective experiences and improve your coping skills.  Group therapy can allow you to gain self-awareness and mindfulness skills while offering compassion and understanding to others in the group.  Brainstorming with others may inspire even more ideas.

Getting Motivated. Support groups can help encourage you to take a more active role in your recovery and can continue to be part of your support system.

Finding Hope. Share experiences and making connections with others may help in feeling better about life in general.  Feel accepted for who you are and realize you are able to have a fulfilling life.

Group counseling can be a very powerful tool for growth and healing.  Sharing experiences and progress through difficulties can have a strong and enduring impact.

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