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Group Therapy

What is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is a safe place where you will be surrounded by a community of individuals who understand and offer encouragement on the challenges we all face. A therapy group can provide resources to better understand and cope with the challenging situations that arise. Group therapy can be a social support network and sounding board. Our groups involve an integration of psychological and spiritually sound approaches to help empower you.  

The very first experience with group counseling can be intimidating; however, most people find that the shared goals and objectives almost immediately add a sense of security and camaraderie while taking away the pressure of being in the “spotlight.”

Other benefits of group therapy include:

  • Improving coping skills
  • gain self-awareness and insight
  • Learning mindfulness skills
  • Compassion in collective, shared experiences
  • brainstorming to inspire new ideas with others
  • Create own support system
  • feeling accepted

Betrayal Trauma Groups

This group is for betrayed partners who have experienced betrayal trauma from a partner facing addiction

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This group is for betrayed partners who are past full disclosure and crises.

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This is an advanced group for betrayed partners who have been processing their betrayal trauma as partners of addiction.

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Trauma Group

Partners of Sex & Chemical Addictions

Licensed clinicians specializing in addiction & trauma

When you are isolated in your pain, you may feel hopelessly stuck. Surround yourself with those that not only understand your situation, but can help.
We provide a safe space to share experiences and gain validation. This supportive environment covers various topics from an educational and therapeutic tools perspective.

Details: 90min sessions |6:30-8:00pm| Every Tuesday
10 Weeks