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What Are The Effects of Depression & Anxiety?

What Are The Effects of Depression & Anxiety?

What Are The Effects Of Depression & Anxiety_
Depression and anxiety are two of the most common mental health disorders in the world. However, while most people know plenty of immediate symptoms can seriously affect your daily life, few people realize there are also many physical effects.Depending on your depression and anxiety severity, the effects can severely harm your mental and physical health. Because of this, getting help early and talking to a psychologist or psychiatrist about the issues you face is essential. To help you better understand the effects of depression and anxiety, here are some of the ways these mental health disorders can impact your body.

What Are Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety: Everybody gets nervous and faces stress at some point in their lives. However, an anxiety disorder is very different from common anxiousness. An anxiety disorder is when people have intense fears that are excessive, persistent, and irrational that occur in everyday situations. Those with anxiety also tend to have anxiety attacks, where they have a few minutes of sheer panic. During panic attacks, your heart will be pounding, your vision will blur, and you will feel intense anxiety and fear.
Depression: Depression, or major depressive disorder, is a mental health disorder that consists of a persistent feeling of sadness, loss of interest, and thoughts of suicide. There are many symptoms of depression, including a lack of energy, oversleeping, feelings of worthlessness, and reduced appetite.

Physical Response to Anxiety and Depression

Fatigue: A common effect of anxiety is fatigue. When you have anxiety, your body is in a constant state of high alert. The flight or fight response is constantly triggered, and your body has high cortisol levels. This effect can be mentally and physically exhausting, making your body chronically fatigued. While depression does not directly cause fatigue, it can worsen it, making it more challenging to get the rest you need.

Risk of Heart Disease

Having anxiety for a long time can be harmful to your heart health. Excessive stress can cause strain on your heart and make you more susceptible to heart disease. Constant anxiety can cause problems like high blood pressure and arrhythmia. It can also make it more likely for you to have a heart attack or stroke. If you have anxiety, you will likely have low levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which can also be linked to heart disease. If you have anxiety, it is best to consume lots of fatty fish or take fish oil to get enough omega-3 fatty acids.

Weight Fluctuation

People with depression tend to have the fluctuating weight due to appetite changes. Depression can have varying effects on people, and while some may turn to food as a comfort, others may reject food. Your relationship with food can be a significant part of whether you lose or gain weight while depressed. Those who are depressed also sometimes have other issues, such as eating disorders which can also cause them to fluctuate in weight.

Depression & Anxiety Therapist in Colorado

Mental health is severe, and there tend to be serious consequences when left undealt with it. If you have depression or anxiety, you should get a therapist as soon as possible. They can help you manage your symptoms and help you improve your mental health.
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