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Do We Need Family Therapy?

Do We Need Family Therapy?
In their mind’s eye, everyone has a picture of an ideal family, whether right or wrong. When families are healthy and happy, they bring fulfillment, happiness, and joy to everyone involved. Parents and children all experience some of their greatest joys in life when spending time with a securely attached family.
But, in today’s stressful world full of financial difficulties, social challenges, and complex problems, many families are not stable, healthy, or happy all the time. Even the most well-intentioned families sometimes find themselves at each other’s throats. 
Family therapy offers a solution to the constant negative patterns that develop in many families. Taking the step to start going to family therapy can be a challenge, with many families unsure if they need family therapy.
At Elliant, our trained family therapists help you identify the negative patterns your family has created and allow you to begin the healing process. Our goal is to help your family engage with each other emotionally through open dialogue. To help your family decide if family therapy with Elliant is the right call for you, we have compiled a list of everything you need to know about family therapy. This list includes what family therapy is, why you should choose it, and how to decide if it’s the right fit for you.

What is Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a type of psychotherapy or psychological counseling designed to help your family improve communication and resolve conflicts.
Usually, family therapy is provided by either a clinical social worker, licensed therapist, or psychologist. All of these practitioners are required to have particular degrees and are likely credentialed by the AAMFT, or American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

Why Choose Family Therapy?

Beyond the obvious goal of helping your family get along better, family therapy can have several tangible benefits for your struggling family, including increased communication and help with mental health in your family.

Increased Communication

Family therapy is designed to help you improve troubled relationships through communication with anyone in your family, including children, partners, or other family members. Family therapy can provide the tools to start effective communication strategies if you find yourself at odds with any family member and cannot approach the issue at home due to discord and/or a lack of healthy communication skills. Your family will learn to communicate, empathize, validate and take accountability to establish healthy engagements.

Mental Health

Family therapy can also help your family cope with mental disorders or other diagnoses present in your family that are putting a strain on your family dynamic. It can be incredibly difficult for families to support members with mental health concerns to function and have a healthy family dynamic. Your family will learn to cope with mental health dynamics and put their best foot forward with family therapy.

Deciding if Family Therapy is the Right Fit for Your Family

Deciding to initiate family therapy can be challenging, with many feeling like choosing family therapy means admitting defeat. On the contrary, choosing family therapy means that you are willing to do what it takes to keep your family together. Family therapy might be a good choice for you if your family is experiencing one or more of these symptoms.
  • Family members tend to react with extreme emotions of anger, fear, or sadness during family interactions
  • Family members cannot function at their normal capacity while engaging with each other
  • Certain family members are frequently withdrawn from family life
  • Your family has undergone a traumatic experience and is struggling to cope
  • There is a problem with substance abuse in your family
  • Your family has experienced a significant breakdown in communication

Couple & Family Therapy in Colorado

Making a choice to begin family therapy is never easy. But, life is too short for your family to suffer from a lack of communication and negative repeated patterns. Elliant Counseling Services is a team of highly trained therapists in Colorado who specialize in trauma & PTSD and family and couples therapy.
Choosing the right trauma therapists in Colorado is critical to your family’s overall well-being. At Elliant, our licensed family therapists offer emotionally focused therapy through corrective emotional experience with the goal of creating a structured and safe environment to promote healthy family relationships. Above all else, Elliant brings you healing therapeutic guidance through tested methodologies that give you the courage to embrace change.
Elliant has some of the top therapists that specialize in depression & anxiety in Colorado. They also help with the effects of chemical addiction and provide couple & family therapy and treatment for trauma & PTSD. We can help you in your journey to recovery by conducting the best forms of treatment for each individual uniquely. Elliant offers both in-person and telehealth options.
Embrace the courage to change and contact Elliant Counseling Services at  720-883-1480 or visit our website to schedule a confidential consultation at today!