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Are You Struggling with Depression or Anxiety?​

Do you feel sad most days and struggle to get motivated to keep up with the tasks of daily living?  Depression and anxiety can occur independently or together.  Both are very common. They typically have an emotional, physical, and mental impact.

Signs of Depression

Depression can take over and make ordinary tasks of daily living challenging and impossible for some.  Many people suffering with depression experience fatigue, sadness, and a loss of purpose or pleasure in activities where they once found joy. You are not alone. We recognize that many people isolate and struggle with physical symptoms such as sleeplessness or sleeping too much, changes in eating, and lack of focus or difficulty making decisions. We can help!

Dealing with Anxiety

Anxiety can take over and become immobilizing.  We all know what it is like to feel nervous, anxious, or uptight with events such as public speaking, going to an interview, being presented with a performance evaluation, etc. However, when symptoms of anxiety become uncontrollable and long-standing, it prevents us from accomplishing desired tasks and impedes experiencing the joy, peace, and calm we long for in our lives. Symptoms of anxiety include: excessive or chronic worrying, restlessness, being easily fatigued, irritability, fearfulness, sleep disturbances, and panic. We understand how challenging this is. We are here to help.

We offer evidence-based treatment to assist with rational thinking, experiencing positive emotions, and improving and calming your nervous system through relaxation and body awareness exercises.  We believe in a holistic approach where we help you find ways to calm your mind and body so you can reconnect with your life goals and find inner joy.

Our Providers

Carrie Brown

Specializes in depression and anxiety

Kathy Johnson

Kathy Johnson

Specializing in affective disorders