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Chemical Addiction

Chemical and Substance Addiction Counseling | Denver, DTC, Centennial

Are You Struggling with a Chemical or Substance Addiction?

Unfortunately, these times of addiction to chemicals and substances are becoming more common in Colorado and with our youth.  Addiction is any behavior or substance use that becomes compulsive and interferes with everyday responsibilities.

Do you or someone you know experience any of the following:

  • Craving or a strong desire to use drugs or alcohol
  • Difficulty cutting down or quitting completely
  • Withdrawal from social and recreational activities
  • Taking risks, such as sexual risks or driving under the influence
  • Spending a lot of time to get, use, and recover from the effects of using the substance
  • Tolerance to or need for increased amounts of the substance to get an effect
  • Withdrawal symptoms that happen if you decrease or stop using the drug
  • Continued use of the drug even though you are aware of the physical, psychological, and family/social problems that are caused by ongoing substance use

Substance abuse and dependence are caused by multiple factors, including genetic vulnerability, environmental stressors, social pressures, individual personality characteristics, and psychiatric problems.  If you find yourself relating to this list, you may be struggling with an addiction.  We can help you in your journey to recovery.  There are some people that benefit from an inpatient level of treatment, then moving to an outpatient level.  We can help coordinate finding the best possible treatment for you as an individual and provide support throughout your journey.



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