Children, Adolescents, & Parenting

Therapy for Children with Behavior, Anxiety, and Mental Health Needs | Denver, DTC, Centennial

There are many obstacles that children and adolescents face these days, albeit stress, anxiety, depression, or peer conflict, to name a few.  Often times when youth face these hardships, it can impact engagement in their environments and relationships.  But there is good news…

Children are resilient!

Children and adolescents have great capacities for emotional and behavioral growth, simply (yet importantly) due to the fact that their brain has much more developing to experience.  With approaches such as cognitive behavioral therapy, attachment theory, and social thinking, youth have the ability to create new connections to new skills that not only improve their functioning, but also allow them to experience life with freedom from their obstacles.

Parenting Skills for Attachment and Collaborative Problem Solving

Parents play an important role in their child’s life and growth.  Often times when emotional and/or behavior difficulties arise for children, tension with parents and other family members arise as well.  Focusing on the attachment between parent and child, as well as utilizing methods such as PACE skills and Collaborative Problem Solving, can enhance connection and create an even deeper parent-child relationship.

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