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AllNeuro Pathways Forms

This page provides convenient resources to our clients for getting prepared to work with us. 

Do you have trouble with concentration and focus?

Have you noticed that you struggling with anger, rage, frustration, and/or irritability?

Are you feeling consistently anxious?

Do you find that you are struggling with depression?

Are you concerned about a current issue of addiction or feeling that something is becoming an addiction?

Do you have sleep issues such as sleep onset, sleep quality, or not feeling rested?

Have you suffered a concussion or brain injury?

Are you having trouble with your short-term or long-term memory?

Do you feel that you are consistently “stressed out?”

Are you feeling that you have a sort of “brain fog?”

Have you noticed consistently being in a state of hypervigilance?

Do you have a history of trauma/developmental trauma/PTSD?

Concerned about consistently ruminating on things? Are you feeling that you are not moving forward in your personal counseling?

Please feel free to download the following forms: