Nanette Ehlers, M.S.P.H. | Lead Neurofeedback Specialist

Nanette Ehlers is our Lead Neurofeedback Specialist, coming from a background in Public Health for more than 20 years. Nanette is passionate about coaching individuals to live their fullest life. She began training in Neurofeedback in 2012, and mentored under Dr. Yvonne Tate for nearly 2 years.

Nanette believes that whole balanced health and living is inter-related to an individual’s eating habits, activity, sleep hygiene and relationship quality.  Each of these essential life elements are directly impacted by one’s mind/brain health. Collaborating with the client, therapist and consultant while utilizing the vital information provided through a Brain Map, Nanette targets the best training for the client’s symptomatology. The goal is helping the client achieve optimal brain function and health. The result is an overall better sense of balance, self-control and presence of well-being. Neurofeedback helps the individual to sharpen their ability to move through therapy, as well as the day to day more efficiently and effectively.

Nanette loves to read, walk and spend time with her family and friends, and is looking forward to working with you towards your “Best Self”.

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