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This page provides convenient resources to our clients for getting prepared to work with us.  Remember that we are here for you!

Seeking compassion and understanding?
Experiencing symptoms of trauma including: depression, anxiety, flashbacks, nightmares, hyper sensitivity, emotional numbness, etc?
Needing more intimacy, validation and connection with your partner?
Feeling unappreciated, devalued and/or disconnected in your relationship(s)?
Struggling with grief and/or loss?
Feeling empty and alone?
Wanting to recover from an addiction?
Feeling stuck, hopeless and/or helpless?

Please feel free to download the welcome packet below. Please have completed for your first visit.

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HIPAA Statement:

Elliant Counseling Services PC and its representatives do not give out, sell, lend, nor distribute any client or applicant information. Your information is patient confidential or restricted by law. We only use information as needed to process your application and provide you with counseling services. This may involve disclosure between Elliant Counseling Service PC therapists.

ECS Welcome Packet
ECS Welcome Packet for Couples
ECS Consent for Counseling Minors
ECS Release of Client Information
ECS Credit Card Information
ECS Credit Card Authorization
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